Leadership and Governance in Higher Education

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Leadership and Governance in Higher Education
Handbook for Decision-makers and Administrators

The handbook aims to provide leaders, members of governing bodies and senior administrators of higher education institutions with a user-friendly tool to support their work which is practically oriented as well as based on reflections of principle. Policy makers, academic staff, students and other stakeholders – who all increasingly contribute to the governance of higher education institutions – as well as researchers of higher education should also find the contributions to the handbook useful.

This handbook:
  • covers the full range of current trends and developments
  • analyses examples of good practice
  • contains contributions by leading practitioners and experts
  • can be used individually or by a leadership team in group training

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The Leadership and Governance Handbook is available on a subscription basis only. The subscription includes
  • first set of articles, print and online, approx. 450 pages, in English
  • quarterly supplemental volume, print and online, approx. 150 pages, in English
  • unlimited access to the Handbook’s website with all the texts, figures, tables, etc.

  • Regular price for the first set of articles: € 129
    Regular price per quarterly volume: € 67
    Please note that the minimum subscription period is one year – which includes the Basic Edition and 4 supplements. The subscription may be cancelled – giving six weeks notice in advance – at the end of a subscription year.

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    The Leadership and Governance Handbook is a “must” for all those planning, managing and implementing the historical reforms taking place within higher education institutions and systems, from governing body to senates/academic boards and through to the organs of governance at faculty and departmental levels.