Windows Vs Linux Hosting

Lots of people don’t know where to start when they start looking into which webpage hosting system to use. You should first consider the type of operating system you use and then go from there making your decision. The different types of hosting pages are Linux, Unix, Macintosh, and Windows. The two most common types are Linux and Windows. Macintosh is not very common, so it is harder to work with. Unix is a lot like Linux but it’s more expensive and accurate, so most people just stick with Linux.

One of the main similarities between Windows and Linux is that they both use JavaScript and HTML pages. When identifying the which one is used, generally Windows servers will use .htm in their URLs while Linux will use .html at the end of their URL. Both system also offers access to CGI and Perl. They are more commonly used with the Linux program though. As far as the differences between Linux and Windows go, there are not a lot of differences. Both have security issues as seen in the reviews from Weak Moves. They also both use databases. The two most common ones are MySQL and Access. MySQL is more often found in Linux servers but can be found in Windows as well. Access is only found in Windows, though. The most noticeable difference between Linux and Windows is how you can access their servers. Both offer FTP access, but Linux gives me options as far as providing telnet or ssh access as well. FTP is simply a way of transferring files to your computer and SSH, and telnet makes it easier to do so and allow you to see if happening to you know it occurred.

Linux and Windows are very similar as far as hosting goes. Linux is probably the better product and more customer friendly, but you are not going to go wrong with either product.