Leadership and Governance in Higher Education

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Leadership and Governance in Higher Education –
Handbook for Decision-makers and Administrators

This handbook aims to provide leaders, members of governing bodies and senior administrators of higher education institutions with a user-friendly tool to support their work which is practically oriented as well as based on reflections of principle. The handbook is published as a journal consisting of a basic edition and regular supplemental volumes (hard copy plus online), all of which can be collected in a ring folder.

The handbook is composed of five major sections:

  1. Context and Concepts, focuses on definitions and understandings, rationale, key features of good governance, levels, structures, mechanisms, etc;
  2. Leadership and Good Governance of Higher Education Institutions brings the topic to the institutional level;
  3. Change Processes: Vision-Decision-Action is entirely dedicated to change, from generating ideas and identifying needs, to implementation and evaluation;
  4. Leading Higher Education Institutions: Issues, Tools, Practices, includes practical contributions on a variety of topics, both in terms of long-term strategic planning and in terms of short-term, day-to-day management; and
  5. Institutional Governance in National Contexts, which begins with a general presentation of a few main governance modes and will, in future supplements, include critical reflection on governance in different higher education systems.


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for all those planning, managing and implementing the historical reforms taking place within higher education institutions and systems, from governing body to senates/academic boards and through to the organs of governance at faculty and departmental levels.

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